Welcome to all the YouTube Creators and Instagram Influencers. BuyUcoin is organising Creator Mania’22 (an Influencer Competition) with a Reward Prize of 5 Lakh Rupees. It’s time to show creativity, publish videos, and distribute to generate maximum engagement and win cash prizes and gift hampers from BuyUcoin, – India’s oldest and most lovable cryptocurrency exchange.

How To Participate In The Creator Mania’22:

Benefits of Participating in The Creator Mania’22 –

Note: Video must be a minimum of 3 minutes and understandable. Video can be created in any language of your choice (Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, etc).

Watch Video To Understand the Contest Rule

How the Winner will be Decided?

When Will the Winner be Announced?

Prize Distribution Rule for the Creator Mania’22 –

  1. Rank 1 – ₹50,000 + ( ₹50,000 Minimum Referral Bonus ) + Gift Hamper
  2. Rank 2 – ₹30,000 + ( ₹50,000 Minimum Referral Bonus ) + Gift Hamper
  3. Rank 3 – ₹20,000 + ( ₹50,000 Minimum Referral Bonus ) + Gift Hamper
  4. Rank 4-10 – ₹10,000 Each
  5. Rank 10-15 – ₹6000 Each

Points To Be Noted

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