Will Ethereum make a sharp move? Ethereum Price Prediction July 4th 2022

Ethereum price prediction

Over the past 24 hours, the market has been trading with a slight bullish momentum. The market leader, Bitcoin, increased by 1.08 percent, and Ethereum increased by 0.88 percent. The price range of ETH/USD during the previous day was $1,044.01 to $1,074.97, indicating a tame amount of volatility. While the overall market capitalization trades about […]

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe reveals his altcoin picks and declares his support for Ethereum and three ETH competitors.


In the midst of the crypto bear market, a well-known crypto strategist is revealing his top cryptocurrency selections, which include Ethereum (ETH) and three of its competitors. Michaal van de Poppe informs his 611,800 Twitter followers that smart contract platforms Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Fantom (FTM), as well as blockchain scaling solution Polygon, […]

The Ropsten Testnet Is Now Live With Ethereum’s Merge Upgrade.

The Ropsten Testnet Is Now Live With Ethereum's Merge Upgrade. Ethereum 2 | BuyUcoin

If the planned trial update on the Ropsten public testnet proceeds as planned later today, Ethereum’s Merge—the blockchain’s much-anticipated move from its current proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm—will be one step closer. Ropsten is Ethereum’s oldest testnet, having been launched in 2016. It enables for blockchain development testing prior to deployment […]

For the First Time, Solana surpasses Ethereum in daily NFT sales volume 2022

Solana surpasses

Many investors may have missed a huge milestone that Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) and the Solana non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem just achieved: for the first time, Solana produced more income in NFT sales during a 24-hour period than Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH). When it comes to NFTs, Ethereum is the 800-pound gorilla in the room, with initiatives […]

Why Ethereum Could Extend Its Rally If It Tests $2K

eth could rally

In terms of the US Dollar, Ethereum has risen over the $1,940 resistance zone. Ethereum has even risen beyond $2,000, suggesting that gains could be extended in the foreseeable future. Above the $1,920 and $1,940 marks, Ethereum began a recovery wave. The price is presently trading above the $1,920 hourly simple moving average and the […]

What is Ethereum? Should You Invest In ETH in 2022

what is ethereum

Let’s take a deeper look at “What is Ethereum” ?  Ethereum is a software platform that runs on a blockchain, rather than a “digital gold” like Bitcoin. Users can interact with the platform using ether, the Ethereum cryptocurrency, or buy and hold it as a store of value. Ethereum is commonly used by developers, but […]

Ethereum Price Prediction 2022: Could It be A Long-Term Gem?

Ethereum price prediction

Let’s get into the ethereum price prediction for upcoming years but before going into it, let’s look at the overview of ethereum. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by volume, but its numerous applications can present a much steeper learning curve for new investors than Bitcoin. Ethereum is the most well-known altcoin, and for many investors […]