Why Ethereum “Merge” Will be the Game Changer For Crypto Forever

Ethereum Merge

The most significant shift to Ethereum in its seven-year history is expected to happen in a few weeks. The “proof-of-work” security mechanism used up until now to protect the Ethereum blockchain uses more energy than Belgium as a whole. Adopting a new “proof-of-stake” technique will reduce Ethereum’s energy use by 1,000 starting next month.. However, […]

The Ropsten Testnet Is Now Live With Ethereum’s Merge Upgrade.

The Ropsten Testnet Is Now Live With Ethereum's Merge Upgrade. Ethereum 2 | BuyUcoin

If the planned trial update on the Ropsten public testnet proceeds as planned later today, Ethereum’s Merge—the blockchain’s much-anticipated move from its current proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm—will be one step closer. Ropsten is Ethereum’s oldest testnet, having been launched in 2016. It enables for blockchain development testing prior to deployment […]

The ‘giant Cup & Handle pattern’ on Ethereum supports the $6.5K ETH price target

The 'giant Cup & Handle pattern' on Ethereum supports the $6.5K ETH price target

The bullish outlook emerges as ETH price decline stalls near its old cup-and-handle resistance level, which is now acting as support, raising the prospect of a strong rebound ahead. Ether (ETH), Ethereum’s native asset, may recover nearly 60% in the coming sessions as bulls hope for a classic bullish continuation pattern. After completing a cup-and-handle […]

ETH (Ethereum)Bears Keep Pushing

ETH (Ethereum)Bears Keep Pushing Learn more

ETH (Ethereum) was unable to break through the $3,650 resistance level against the US dollar. The price of ETH is falling, and it may fall below $3,450 in the near future. Ethereum has struggled to gain traction above the $3,600 and $3,620 support levels. The price is currently trading below $3,550 as well as the […]