Luna Price Prediction 2022: Will It Come Back After Sudden Crash?

Luna price prediction

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Terra LUNA Price Prediction: The Terra project was first introduced in January 2018 as a universal payment system that aims to make bitcoin more accessible to common users. Terra’s mainnet went live in April of this year.

The platform’s primary goal is to build a decentralized network for quick and scalable settlements using stable currencies. It’s worth noting that the creators took an unconventional approach to the problem and were able to address the main drawbacks of existing stablecoins: centralization, insufficient scalability, and volatile exchange rates.

Terra uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process to deliver self-stabilizing stablecoins to the market and regulates the number of stablecoins on the network to keep the network’s value stable. This method keeps the coins connected to the underlying assets. The network employs a flexible and practical monetarily driven approach to handle stability and economic challenges.

Terra (LUNA) Price Prediction 2022-2030

Many traders and analysts think this project has potential and believe it will see a significant price increase. However, no one knows how LUNA will perform in the real world. A variety of things can influence a coin’s price performance.

Investors may pay more attention to the Terra cryptocurrency in the next eight years. As a result, the asset’s value is predicted to increase. By collaborating with other initiatives and start-ups, the Terra (LUNA) community may be able to attract users and marketers.

LUNA Price Chart
LUNA Price Chart

LUNA Price Prediction 2022

The minimal cost of Terra in 2022, according to a technical analysis of Terra prices, will be $0.00055793. The maximum price of LUNA that can be reached is $0.00063454. The predicted average trade price is $0.00057541.

LUNA Price Prediction 2023

Based on recent year’s Terra pricing, it is estimated that the minimum price of Terra in 2023 will be roughly $0.00083783. The highest possible LUNA price is approximately $0.00099553. In 2023, the trade price might be $0.00086085 on average.

LUNA Price Prediction 2024

According to technical research by cryptocurrency experts, LUNA is anticipated to have the following minimum and maximum prices in 2024: $0.001 and $0.001, respectively. Trading prices are projected to be $0.001 on average.

LUNA Price Prediction 2025

Cryptocurrency professionals have studied the values of Terra and their swings over the previous years. The minimum LUNA price in 2025 is expected to be $0.002, while the maximum is expected to be $0.002. The trading cost will be roughly $0.002 on average.

LUNA Price Prediction 2026

According to crypto experts’ analysis of Terra’s costs, the maximum and minimum LUNA prices in 2026 are expected to be $0.003 and $0.003, respectively. It will be traded at $0.003 on average.

LUNA Price Prediction 2027

Crypto experts are constantly studying Terra’s fluctuations. According to their estimates, the average LUNA price will be around $0.004. It could fall to as low as $0.004, but it could still rise to $0.005 by 2027.

LUNA Price Prediction 2028

Terra’s price is forecasted by cryptocurrency experts every year. In 2028, LUNA is expected to trade for between $0.005 and $0.006. During the year, its average cost is expected to be around $0.005.

LUNA Price Prediction 2029

Cryptocurrency analysts are ready to reveal their Terra price predictions. The maximum LUNA price of $0.009 will determine the year 2029. However, the rate may fall to around $0.008. As a result, the average trading price is expected to be $0.008.

LUNA Price Prediction 2030

Crypto experts are ready to provide their LUNA cost estimation for 2030 after years of analysis of the Terra price. It will be traded for at least $0.011, with $0.013 as the highest possible price. As a result, in 2030, the LUNA price is expected to be around $0.011.

What Is The Real Reason Behind LUNA Crash?

When TerraUSD, the currency that practically guaranteed a consistent price, got rapidly devalued, Luna’s price crashed.

TerraUSD was strongly linked to Anchor Protocol, which served as a virtual savings account for the currency, paying a 20% interest rate. As a result, TerraUSD became a very popular investment that appeared to offer excellent profits.

However, Anchor said in March that it would be replacing the 20% rate with a variable rate that would be significantly less favourable. This prompted a significant departure from Anchor, forcing more TerraUSD and Luna currency investors to dump their holdings.

With so many people attempting to dump their Terra USD and Luna simultaneously, the system designed to keep rates consistent just ceased working.

LUNA Recovery Plan

After first suggesting a Luna recovery plan that focused on absorbing the UST supply, Do Kwon has now proposed an alternative strategy that would restart the Terra Luna ecosystem and instead focus on saving the Layer-1.

Kwon shifted his attention from UST to Luna in a second Twitter discussion. “I still believe that decentralized economies need decentralized money – but UST will not be much money in its current form,” he stated.

Kwon then posted his Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan on the Terra Research Forums, which looks to be influenced by other community suggestions. A Luna fork would be used in this second Luna recovery method.

It offers a big shakeup that involves rolling Luna back through a hard fork before the crash, similar to the TerraBuilderAlliance’s Luna Go Forward Proposal.

A fresh Luna with a 1 billion supply would be distributed here. Before the depeg, 40% of this Luna would be allocated to existing Luna holders. Current UST holders would receive another 40%. The remaining 10% would go to a community pool for development and 10% to current Luna holders.

As Kwon and the community work to restore the larger ecosystem, this Luna recovery strategy prioritizes the Terra Layer-1. “Terra requires a community to continue expanding and revaluing its block space,” Kwon said. “The only way to do this is to ensure that token holders, the most dedicated community members, and builders before the attack stay around to continue generating value.”


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