Over the past 24 hours, the market has been trading with a slight bullish momentum. The market leader, Bitcoin, increased by 1.08 percent, and Ethereum increased by 0.88 percent.

The price range of ETH/USD during the previous day was $1,044.01 to $1,074.97, indicating a tame amount of volatility. While the overall market capitalization trades about $129.5 billion, the trading volume has decreased by 29.19% to $7.785 billion, giving a dominance of 14.85 percent.

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Ethereum Price Today in India is ₹ 83,309 with a 24-hour trading volume of ₹5,95,26,51,76,081. In the last 24 hours, ETH-INR price has decreased by -0.83%. Ethereum CoinMarketCap rank is 2. The circulation supply of Ethereum is 11,95,45,987.250832ETH coins, with maximum circulating supply being unlimited.

Last week Ethereum Price Prediction In India

Despite the difficulty of price prediction In 2022, ETH might surpass $4,000 once more. And according to a recent forecast by Bloomberg intelligence analyst Mike McGlone, the price of ethereum will conclude the year between $4,000 and $4,500.

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Latest news on Ethreum in India July 2022

Following a significant network upgrade, Ethereum’s “Merge” is completed.

The much-anticipated final switch to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for the Ethereum blockchain has now been made possible by the “Gray Glacier” network upgrade going live on the Ethereum mainnet.

The Difficulty Bomb was pushed back by the Gray Glacier by 700,000 blocks.

In a blog post published on June 16th, Tim Beiko, a developer and community manager at the Ethereum Foundation, announced the Gray Glacier upgrade. According to the message, the upgrade was supposed to go live at block 15,050,000 on June 29.

Beiko said that due to different time zones and block timings, the precise date of the upgrade is subject to change. By delaying it by 700,000 blocks, or around 100 days, the upgrade is intended to modify the conditions of Ethereum’s very own “Difficulty Bomb” or “Ice Age.”

To account for unpredictable block times, node operators were encouraged to update their nodes by Monday, June 27. On June 30, the improvement was generally at block 15,050,000.

As mentioned in the report, Ethereum users are not need to take any additional actions to welcome the upgrade unless they are instructed to do so by the exchange or wallet provider they use.

On the other hand, node operators will see their clients sync to the pre-fork blockchain as the upgrade is happening if they do not update to the most recent version. Beiko wrote in the blog post, “You will be stuck on an incompatible chain obeying the old rules and you will not be able to send Ether or use the post-upgrade Ethereum network.”

Not every node operator has followed the recommendation to update to the most recent version. Only 71% of customers were genuinely ready for the upgrade before it launched, as can be seen on Ethernode.

The “Merge” of Ethereum is almost here.

The Gray Glacier upgrade’s difficulty bomb adjustment only applies to the mainnet because the Ropsten testnet has already switched to proof-of-stake.

As the network gradually transitions from PoW to PoS, the Ethereum team has implemented a technique known as the “Ethereum difficulty bomb” to disincentivize miners by lowering mining profits. The Gray Glacier upgrade’s debut suggests that The Merge is now actually taking effect.

The Merge, Ethereum’s final switch from a PoW to a PoS consensus method, has been one of the most eagerly awaited moments in the cryptocurrency world. The upgrade is anticipated to happen in Q3/Q4 of this year, according to the Ethereum team, and improvements acting as forerunners have already been made.

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