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The World’s Largest Virtual Land Sale: A research firm has dropped 5 million large ones on multiple pieces of land in a relatively obscure metaverse, making metaverse history.

Curzio Research, a financial publishing company, has announced the purchase of a large plot of virtual land in TCG World, a metaverse. They spent $5 million on the acquisition. The previous record holder, who paid $4.3 million for a plot in the Sandbox, was blown away.

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The TCG World metaverse is a relatively unknown moniker. Curzio Research, the virtual land buyer, didn’t appear to mind. In TCG’s metaverse, the firm has secured 19 commercial real estate parcels. 12 City 128m × 128m plots and 7 City 256m x 256m plots were purchased for $5 million.

To Date, the Largest Virtual Land Sale

According to Curzio Research, this will be the largest virtual land sale ever. TCG will receive cash as well as Curzio Research security tokens in exchange. The tokens indicate a share of the company’s ownership.

Curzio Research was founded by Frank Curzio. “The metaverse is what the internet was supposed to be. A decentralized, permissionless place where individuals have the freedom to create and own their digital content. When researching the options, TCG World had all the elements – gamification, entertainment, social, and commerce – to create a true open metaverse. And its low fee structure incentivizes innovation for users and developers. We’re happy to be part of this pro-growth model in an industry that has incredible upside potential.”

Curzio Research has chosen to be a part of TCG World’s Asia area. It will establish its headquarters in the vicinity of WallStreetBets. Curzio VIP members can meet with other investors here. Members can also participate in live events, listen to exclusive Wall Street Unplugged podcasts, attend informative seminars, and create a network of investors.

Curzio intends to finish their Research HQ in time for the official TCG World launch. This is anticipated to happen in September 2022.

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