People can work, play, shop, and interact in the Metaverse platforms, which is a graphically rich virtual world with a degree of realism. It’s a network of three-dimensional virtual environments centred on social interaction. A metaverse platform is a virtual platform that enables developers to construct virtual and augmented reality experiences. The Metaverse is a technological segment that has come a long way, thanks to investments from leading tech companies such as Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and Epic Games.


In comparison to social media and other major products, the metaverse is considered a niche product. While it’s impossible to predict when the metaverse will supplant social networks, it will undoubtedly open up new social and commercial opportunities unlike anything we’ve seen before. Here is a list of the top ten metaverse platforms that will eventually replace social media.

TOP 10 Listed Metaverse Platforms


Decentraland is the metaverse’s first blockchain-powered location. It’s a virtual reality platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain. It enables users to create, interact with, and monetize content and apps.


The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse in which players can create, own, and commercialise virtual worlds. The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform is made up of three products that work together to deliver a complete user-generated content experience.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based gaming Metaverse in which users collect and breed digital pets known as Axies, which can then be employed in a turn-based card game. Axie Infinity players collect and mint NFTs that depict Axies, axolotl-inspired digital pets.


Bloktopia is a Metaverse platform built in the shape of a 21-story building, where users can buy specific sections from the floorplan using the platform’s cryptocurrency token, BLOK.


Before California-based tech behemoths like Meta Platforms Inc., now known as Facebook, Zepeto jumped into the metaverse sector. Zepeto, a South Korean metaverse platform, just received a $150 million investment from Soft Bank, a Japanese multinational corporation.


The Roblox metaverse is a developing phenomena in which real-world brands and trends inspire more businesses to use the Roblox platform. It’s a metaverse platform in the Lego pattern where users can play games created by other players.


In the metaverse, Nike Inc. is expanding its universe. Nikeland, a free-to-play virtual environment with games like dodgeball and floor-is-lava, is a collaboration between the sportswear giant and video-game platform Roblox.


Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. It is to create opportunity and connection for everyone and building the Metaverse, a virtual layer over the physical world where people can work, socialize, and learn.


The BollyHeroes NFT Project’s ultimate ambition is to create a parallel Bollywood Metaverse in partnership with real-world partners. Its goal is to create a Bollyverse based on the characters that the community creates.

Space Somnium

Somnium Space is a metaverse with a unique goal. Users can join in either a downloaded VR client or a browser-based version that works just like any other online app.

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