Skybridge Capital Applies For Crypto ETF And Stockpile $100 Million For ALGO Fund


Anthony Scaramucci announced the whole crypto worth of SkyBridge Capital, an alternative investment firm based in Australia. SkyBridge currently possesses crypto worth $700 million, according to him. The cryptocurrency company ETF, or crypto-based exchange-traded fund, has been filed by the alternative investing firm. They did this on Tuesday in order to expand their digital currency […]

Cross-chain bridges Connecting 5 various Blockchains to Ethereum


Cross-chain bridge; technology has advanced significantly in recent months, and users can now exchange assets across a wide range of networks. Today, between eight different bridges there’s a total value of $7.6 billion locked across these platforms. Cross-Chain Bridges technology now connecting 5 Different blockchains to ethereum. Cross-Chain Bridges There are a good number of […]

Daily Crypto News- Cosmos has reached an all-time high

Cosmos EmbedDespite a stagnant global cryptocurrency market, Cosmos has reached an all-time high Cosmos (ATOM) blew up 10.74% overnight to set a new price of $39.58, according to crypto data aggregator Nomics, despite the fact that crypto’s total global market cap of $2.51 trillion has barely moved in the last twenty-four hours. Cosmos broke the […]