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Even though the best BTC roulette sites are known to offer the best gaming experiences, you wouldn’t enjoy them when losing. That’s why everyone visits the best BTC roulette sites with strategies for winning their stakes. 

Since cryptocurrency platforms differ from regular online casinos, what strategies work on cryptocurrency sites? Or does the volatile factor of digital coins also make all strategies useless? This article answers the questions above by offering some of the best strategies for winning on the best BTC roulette sites.

7 Techniques for Winning on the Best BTC Roulette Sites

Contrary to its intimidating feel, winning on the best BTC roulette sites is easy. You just need to follow the guide below, and you’ll be earning Bitcoins and recouping losses in no time:

Go For Roulette Versions with Very Low House Edge

The house edge is the betting platform’s advantage over a player. It determines your probability of winning at the best BTC roulette sites. So, games with a high house edge leave players with a slim chance of winning. 

That’s why it’s encouraged to go for games with a low house edge when you visit the best crypto roulette sites. Since you’re visiting a roulette staking website, look for roulette games with a low house edge. This would provide you with a higher chance of winning.

A roulette game that’s worth considering has single-zero roulette, which has a house edge of 2.5%.

Never Chase Losses

Visiting one of the best crypto roulette sites means having lots of fun. Of course, there will be lots of winning and losing, which is all fun.

When you take things personally, however, is when you chase losses by betting more. In such an emotional haze, you’re likely to forget all the tactics you know, leading to more losses. 

If you feel like the losses are getting to you, take a break. A breath of fresh air and a break away from your gaming can get you focused back on the game. 

Try a Demo Game First

If this is your first time playing at any of the best crypto roulette sites, you should consider a demo game. This would provide an opportunity to get used to all the controls on the site. It will also allow you to figure out if there are any new gameplay mechanics that you were unaware of.

You can also use the demo game to test new strategies when you visit the best BTC roulette sites. Since you’re not losing money, you can try out as many strategies as you want and work out the kinks. This can increase your chances of winning while playing with real funds.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Many bettors believe that playing while intoxicated will increase the thrill they get from gaming. This is true to a certain extent, but it also dulls the senses.

So, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, vaping, or getting high on any other drug is a recipe for failure. This is doubly so when you’re on one of the best BTC roulette sites. You’ll make decisions you wouldn’t ordinarily make if your thoughts were clear.

The after-effects of being high on any of the best BTC roulette sites are hazardous. Unlike traditional betting sites, the best BTC roulette sites allow you to bet with Bitcoin. The deceptively small numerical values of Bitcoin cost more than their fiat counterparts.

There is every chance you could forget this when your thoughts are clouded, leading you to wager huge Bitcoin tokens. Unfortunately, when you’re playing a game like roulette, there’s every chance that you could lose those funds.

Play with a Roulette Strategy

Never forget that roulette game strategies also work when you play at the best crypto roulette sites. If you don’t know any, you should learn some before playing. 

Although these strategies won’t guarantee you a win, they’ll increase your chances of winning. These strategies allow you to recoup your losses even if you’ve been losing. 

Some of the roulette techniques that you can try at the best crypto roulette sites include:

Start with Low Stakes

This cannot be stressed enough as the excitement usually gets to first-time visitors to the best BTC roulette sites. Unfortunately, despite the best crypto roulette sites offering the best odds, losses still exist. So, if it’s your first time, consider starting small.

When you start with low stakes, you won’t feel the pinch that comes with inevitably losing. Playing with low bets also allows you to get used to the game.

Know When to Stop While You’re Winning

Overconfidence is one of the biggest culprits behind losses at the best crypto roulette sites. Many bettors feel their losing streaks are over when they finally start winning. They’ll feel like their next few wagers will win, figuring that they’ve grasped the routine of the game.

However, all roulette games at the best BTC roulette sites use random number generators (RNG). So, there’s no technique behind the wins and no possible predictions. All wins at the best BTC roulette sites result from luck or strategy and nothing else.

So, when you see that you’re winning, it’s a good time to end a winning streak. Never get blinded by greed, or you could lose everything. 


Playing at any of the best BTC roulette sites is a chance to win, and the guide above will help you. You don’t have to use everything for it to be effective; just use those that best apply to your situation. 

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