Polygon (MATIC): A Cryptocurrency With Indian Founders and Great Potential


What is Polygon (MATIC)? Polygon is a well-structured framework for Ethereum development. It features a flexible framework called Polygon SDK, which enables developers to create various types of apps. With Polygon(MATIC), one can create rollup chains, ZK chains, and stand-alone chains. It completely transforms Ethereum into a multi-chain system. Its advantages include Ethereum’s robust ecosystem […]

“Amun” The First Ever Polygon Ecosystem Index Token

"Amun" The First Ever Polygon Ecosystem Index Token Learn more

“Amun” the first ever polygon ecosystem index token. The protocol’s simplicity of use and lower fees have enticed developers, resulting in a slew of new projects being launched on the platform. Meanwhile, Amun Tokens is churning out DeFi index tokens at a breakneck pace. The platform announced the introduction of two index tokens in the […]