What Is Cosmos (ATOM)? Is Cosmos A Good Investment In 2022?

what is cosmos

Cosmos Crypto is a blockchain created by a Swiss non-profit to integrate several blockchains. The ATOM token powers cosmos Crypto’s proof-of-stake blockchain. What Is Cosmos (ATOM)? All In Bits Inc (dba Tendermint Inc), the project’s inventor, expects Cosmos (ATOM) to be the foundation for the next generation of internet technologies. Rather than participating in crypto […]

What Is Monero (XMR)? Should You Invest In XMR In 2022?

what is monero

Monero is the top cryptocurrency for censorship-resistant and private transactions. The majority of existing cryptocurrencies use transparent blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Anyone in the globe can verify and/or trace transactions. This means that these transactions’ sending and receiving addresses could be connected to real-world identities. Monero, on the other hand, employs a variety of […]

What is Inheritcoin (INH)? Is INH a Good Investment in 2022?

what is inheritcoin

From its inception, Inheritcoin has been backed by institutions and leading fund and asset management groups, and many more have joined before going mainstream. INH is proving itself, again and again, to be a valuable asset in 2022. What is Inheritcoin (INH)? INH also known as Inherit coin, is A digital currency linked to a […]

What Is ICP? Is ICP A Good Investment In 2022?

what is icp

For almost a decade, the world has been fascinated with cryptocurrencies and crypto mining. Cryptography protects this virtual or digital currency, making it nearly impossible to forge or double spend. While many cryptocurrencies operate on a decentralized network based on blockchain technology and enforced by numerous computer networks, this may not be the complete picture. […]

What Is SushiSwap? Is Sushi A Good Investment For 2022?

what is sushiswap

SushiSwap (SUSHI) is a digital token and a decentralized exchange launched in August 2020. The second half of the exchange’s name comes from the word “swap,” which means “to swap cryptocurrency.” In terms of the first half, the creator enjoys sushi. SushiSwap is no joke, even though it aims for a fun atmosphere. According to […]

What Is GALA Token? Should You Invest In GALA In 2022?

what is gala

Many gamers have noticed a change in modern gaming, as game makers are constantly updating games, removing objects, or modifying gameplay concepts. Companies shut down game servers when they are no longer profitable, even with a dedicated player base. Many famous games have also been accused of arbitrarily banning players, robbing them of everything they’ve […]

What Is SandBox? Is SandBox A Good Investment In 2022?

what is sandbox crypto

Facebook announced its makeover as “Meta” in November 2021, the first step in creating a metaverse. While the concept of a metaverse isn’t technically new (the video game Second Life has been shaping its own for several years), it’s never been as popular as it is now due to Facebook’s revelation. Virtual metaverses intertwined with […]

What Is IoTX Coin? Should You Invest In IoTX In 2022?

what is Iotx coin

We may have seen several sci-fi films as children in which robots or other unique technology in Utopia havoc on humans. These situations are becoming increasingly feasible in today’s environment. This article will explain ‘IoTex,’ a revolutionary platform that will link the physical and digital worlds. You’ll learn how IoTex works, the platform’s future and […]

What is FORTH Coin? Should You Invest In AMPLEFORTH In 2022?

what is forth coin

In 2018, entrepreneurs Evan Kuo and Brandon Iles co-founded Ampleforth, which was previously known as Fragments. Ampleforth was conceived as a mechanism to distribute crypto assets to gig economy employees, such as those who might deliver for Kuo’s first startup, Pythagoras Pizza. Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong and investment companies True Ventures and Pantera Capital contributed […]

What is VeChain (VET)? Should You Invest In VeChain In 2022?

what is vechain

VeChain is a blockchain platform that aims to improve supply chain and commercial processes. Its purpose is to leverage distributed ledger technology to streamline these operations and information flow for complicated supply chains (DLT). VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) are two different tokens on the Vechain network. The former is used to move […]