Don’t Fear the Crypto Crash; We’ve Been There Before 2022

Crypto crash

Crypto Crash: According to Diego Vera of, Bitcoin has gone through several cycles in the past and has always rebounded back with a vengeance. Individual markets, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks or commodities, and the economy as a whole, experience cycles of expansion and contraction. It is like the economy is breathing. There are periods […]

Bitcoin drops below $26K as the crypto market as a whole continues to decline.

Bitcoin drops

Bitcoin drops to a 12-month low as other coins also fell due to rising inflation, declining tech stocks, and a risk-off climate. Over the last month, stock and cryptocurrency investors have made it quite plain that we are in a risk-off environment. Apart from the Bitcoin Drops… Over the weekend, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the other […]

Will Cryptocurrency Market Be Volatile In 2022?

Will Cryptocurrency Market Be Volatile In 2022?

2021 was a big year for cryptocurrency – El Salvador made bitcoin their legal tender and other nations proposed to regulate. It also saw multiple developments, especially in the metaverse and decentralized gaming. However, the crypto market has been bearish for a while after bitcoin crossed the $68,000 mark.  To get an actual sense of […]