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Bitcoin Price Double Bottom Pattern Aims for A 7% Rise to $60k

Bitcoin is currently trading 2.24 percent higher than Tuesday’s intraday low of $55,310. The BTC has been concentrating on reversing the losses that gripped the entire market last week. The attempts, however, were thwarted by the $60,000 psychological level on November 21. As a result, the Bitcoin price has dropped

Long-Term Bitcoin Investors Are At An All-Time High: Glassnode

According to Glassnode’s most recent weekly on-chain report, long-term Bitcoin investors are at a multi-year high, and markets are not yet saturated with profit-taking. Long- Term Bitcoin Investors are at an all time high According to a November 22 report by analytics provider Glassnode, these long-term holders (LTH) appear to

Bitcoin Lightning Network Hits a Record High

The Bitcoin lightning network has now reached a new high. With the recent bull rally and adoption this year, the demand for the lightning network has increased. This has resulted in massive network growth. This year has seen multiple all-time highs in lightning network liquidity, and this is just one

Canada Approves CAD222B Backed Firm For Bitcoin Custody Services

The Investment Industry Regulatory Authority of Canada (IIROC) has approved the country’s first Bitcoin custody services.Yesterday, the regulator approved Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC), which targets institutional investors. Canada has approved a CAD 222 billion-backed firm’s application to provide Bitcoin sale and custody services. The FCC’s request was approved by Canada’s

Perth Heat: Australian Baseball Club To Pay Players and Staff in Bitcoin

The Perth Heat will pay professional baseball players and staff using the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Perth Heat, an Australian baseball club, has announced a partnership with Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode to accept and make Bitcoin payments (BTC). The collaboration enables the Perth Heat to pay professional players and staff in

Daily Crypto News- What you should know about the latest FUD around Solana EmbedWhat you should know about the latest FUD around Solana The last two years have seen cryptocurrencies boom all around the world. Solana, in particular, has been one of the market’s foremost projects over the last few months, with its market performance taking many by surprise. A lot of


Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high (ATH) against the Euro ($EUR) at €54,603.15. At the same time, BTC only needs a 2% increase to reach a new high against the US dollar. Bitcoin has historically performed exceptionally well in the fourth quarter, and it has continued to do so

Will STEPN (GMT) rise to $5 in 2022? STEPN Price Prediction July 5th 2022

The upgrades from the previous quarter that were successfully integrated. In-app wallet upgrades, multi-chain wallet upgrades, and multi-chain marketplace upgrades are a few examples that might eventually produce fruitful outcomes. Additionally, the third quarter’s anticipated advancements, such as the achievement system, quest system, and rental system, may be crucial for

Will the Shiba Inu EXPLODE? Shiba Inu Price Prediction July 5th 2022

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in recent years has been the Shiba Inu. But with the start of the bear market, he first encounters the problems with fresh meme coins and overhyped cryptocurrencies. But will the price of Shiba Inu continue to skyrocket as it has in the past?

Will Ethereum make a sharp move? Ethereum Price Prediction July 4th 2022

Over the past 24 hours, the market has been trading with a slight bullish momentum. The market leader, Bitcoin, increased by 1.08 percent, and Ethereum increased by 0.88 percent. The price range of ETH/USD during the previous day was $1,044.01 to $1,074.97, indicating a tame amount of volatility. While the

Is XRP about to boom? XRP Price Prediction (July 2nd 2022)

XRP fell by 21.15 percent in June. XRP fell by 28.04 percent in May and finished the month at $0.3321. From a high of $0.4260 on June 1 to a low of $0.2868 on June 18, XRP experienced a bearish start to the month. The prolonged sell-off brought XRP close


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