Long-Term Bitcoin Investors Are At An All-Time High: Glassnode

Long-Term Bitcoin Investors Are At An All-Time High: Glassnode

According to Glassnode’s most recent weekly on-chain report, long-term Bitcoin investors are at a multi-year high, and markets are not yet saturated with profit-taking. Long- Term Bitcoin Investors are at an all time high According to a November 22 report by analytics provider Glassnode, these long-term holders (LTH) appear to be reducing their spending while […]

Bitcoin Back to $64K?, Why Are The Bulls Winning This Time?

Bitcoin exceeds $62,000

Bitcoin is still trading in a range in the lower timeframes, currently at $54,277. The first cryptocurrency by market cap gains almost nothing on a daily basis, but a massive 23.9% on a weekly basis. Bitcoin back to $64k? why are the bulls winning this time? The market’s general sentiment has shifted bullish; as investors […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Hashrate Rises Twice in 90 Days


Following a 90-day upward trend in its activities; Bitcoin hashrate is on the rise once more, with a 128 percent increase recorded during this time. China’s clampdown cut BTC hashrate Recall that about two months ago, the Chinese authorities imposed a series of institutional clampdowns on various mining operation centers; making it difficult for miners […]

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Hits One Year Low. What could it mean for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Transaction

Transaction charges for Bitcoin are typically an indication of how holders move their coins. When the network is congested by a large number of Bitcoin transactions, the transaction charges increase, indicating a high network traffic volume. When prices of the digital asset increase, transaction traffic is usually high on bull markets. This usually leads to […]

Bitcoin 2021, Mega Crypto Conference in Miami

Miami’s “fun in the sun” image is likely to change this summer, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The rowdy Florida city, known for its beaches, parties, and good times, is gearing up for a cryptocurrency revolution, which will kick off with Bitcoin 2021, a two-day crypto conference billed […]