What Factors Contribute to Stablecoins’ Rapid Growth? Should You Buy Tether in 2022?

Factors contributing to rapid growth of stablecoin

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Stablecoins’ quick and explosive growth has been nothing short of amazing. In less than a decade, a completely new type of finance based on rising technology infrastructure has grown from nothing to a market valuation and total supply of more than $130 billion.

Many doubters are baffled as to how the quantity and support of stablecoins have outstripped the reserves of many big banks. It’s difficult for individuals who haven’t personally experienced the benefits and utility of stablecoins to comprehend why people all over the world are opting for stablecoins as their primary method of payment.

While there are other reasons for the rise of reliable digital money, there have been four primary drivers of USDT growth over the last half-decade.

Dollarisation –

The world’s reserve currency is the US dollar. For a variety of reasons, it is the most widely sought after national currency on the planet. Foreign investors, ranging from individual investors to foreign governments, prefer to hold US dollars.

Local currencies can devalue around the world during periods of political or economic stability. This has happened numerous times throughout modern history, including recently (Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Lebanon).

During periods of inflation, it makes sense to quit the currency that is inflating and invest in assets that are not inflating (or at least not at the same rate). While the phrase generally refers to people buying gold, real estate, stocks, or other things, it can also refer to investors buying US dollars.

Individuals can still possess a highly liquid currency by purchasing dollars, whereas other less liquid assets would limit their capacity to quickly purchase goods and services. Obtaining US dollars, on the other hand, can be difficult in countries without easy access to financial infrastructure that supports dollars.

Individuals all over the world can now access a financial instrument that is indexed to the market value of the US Dollar thanks to USDT. This is due to the fact that the individual does not need to have access to a formal bank in order to hold dollar deposits.

All you need is a computer to get started.

Capital Controls-

Inflation isn’t the only effect of economic or political instability. Capital controls increase when currencies die. To support their currency, countries often begin to restrict the flow and exchange of money. Even governments with low levels of inflation, however, can institute capital controls.

Any limitation on the free flow of capital, as well as any seizure of individual or corporate assets, are referred to as capital controls.

Because most financial infrastructure in most countries is under government control, there is often no way to avoid these repressive practices. USDT provides an alternative to capital controls by allowing organisations and individuals to use a completely separate financial infrastructure.

Treasury Management-

While US businesses have relatively easy access to and use of dollars, businesses all around the world have a significantly more difficult time negotiating global financial infrastructure.

Global financial infrastructure is both inefficient and costly for businesses that operate across different jurisdictions.

USDT enables organisations to conduct all payments in a single financial medium that is easily accessible, whether it is an easier way to use dollar anchored payments or simply a way to allow a company to use a single currency for all payments.

It can also be a more efficient way to store and even earn a return on investment.

DeFi Growth-

The DeFi ecosystem‘s growth has been nothing short of astonishing. Brilliant minds from all around the world have united to establish an altogether new approach to financial infrastructure in which payments, exchanges, and assets may all be listed, sold, and created in a digital format.

These applications also cut out traditional intermediaries, making financial services more accessible and equal.

DeFi applications cannot use bank deposits because they rely only on blockchain networks. They require digital currency in order to include it in their products.

USDT is frequently used to fulfil this duty because it is the world’s largest and most trusted stablecoin. USDT is the most widely used stablecoin, and it is utilised to access DeFi applications on a daily basis.

The greater the demand for USDT, the faster DeFi has expanded.

Stablecoins’ Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing

Despite the fact that many traditional financial commentators are still baffled as to why people use stablecoins and why there is such a high demand for them, stablecoin issuance continues to grow.

Stablecoins are without a doubt one of the most successful and fast-developing new financial products ever offered, and their benefits are immediately apparent to people who use them.

The four tendencies discussed in this article are likely to persist:

1) The global economy is still in need of more funds.

2) More governments are attempting to restrict cash movements.

3) Businesses are recognising the advantages of using stablecoins to manage their operations and financial sheets.

4) The use of DeFi and Bitcoin, in general, continues to skyrocket.

While there are many other factors that contribute to stablecoin growth that were not included in this list, the four trends discussed here will drive significant growth in stablecoin supplies over the next decade.

Tether is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of stablecoin development and adoption. USDT is the most extensively used and trusted stablecoin in the world, with a total supply and value of over $83 billion.

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Source: https://tether.to/en/what-can-we-attribute-to-the-explosive-growth-of-stablecoins


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