Harmony Price Prediction 2022: Long Term Gem or Not ?

harmony price prediction

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Can the ONE token rebound? If it can’t reach $1 in the near future what is a realistic target price? What is the Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction ? 

Let’s consider the project’s fundamentals and latest developments to get a clearer outlook? We will also look at the latest analyst Harmony price prediction analysis to set expectations of a plausible Harmony forecast.

What is Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony is an ethereum-based layer-2 protocol that aims to help dApps scale by providing faster and cheaper settlements. The production mainnet has four 1,000-node shards that produce blocks in two seconds.

Harmony’s goal is to build an open network of nodes that is regulated and run by a big community. Pangaea is the name given to this node community. The community runs 800 Harmony nodes in addition to thousands of Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes. Validators from over 100 nations are gathered by Pangaea.

Harmony uses an Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) protocol to choose validators, as opposed to other sharding-based blockchains that employ a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus method. This helps to prevent centralization and boost transaction speeds.

Harmony attempts to make block formation faster to assist scalability by focusing on validation and processing speed. The engineers introduced the sharding method, which greatly reduces the time it takes to validate a transaction.

Harmony is described as a “sharding protocol with a trustless Ethereum bridge” on its website. Sharding is a database partitioning technique used by blockchain enterprises to scale up and process more transactions per second. Sharding increases network speed by dividing it into multiple shards.’

Harmony Price Prediction

The graph below demonstrates how well ONE has performed in recent days. Furthermore, the ONE price is trending upwards. If the current trend continues, ONE might run with the bulls, breaking over $0.174 resistance1 and climbing to $0.363 resistance5, the 2022 bullish indication.

Harmony Price Prediction Chart
Harmony Price Chart

If investors turn against cryptocurrency, the bears may seize control and force ONE out of its rise. In layman’s words, the price of ONE might drop to about $0.055, indicating a bearish indication.

In the meanwhile, our ONE price forecast for 2022 is positive. According to CoinMarketCap, it has a good chance of surpassing its current all-time high (ATH) of $0.3798 this year. That will only happen if it overcomes many previous psychological barriers.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction in 2022

If the current bullish trend continues, ONE will reach $0.363 by 2022. Furthermore, the first half of 2022 will see rapid growth, reaching $0.266. The growth will thereafter moderate, but no significant drops are forecast. With impending partnerships and innovations, hitting $0.5 is a bit of a stretch in terms of pricing, but it’s certainly doable in the near future.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction for 2023

If ONE can hold the 200-MA (long-term moving average) support level, purchasers will have enough time and stability to create the next attack mission on the crucial $2 level, ensuring that it does not plummet but continues to play continuously.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction for 2024

According to the platform’s most recent upgrades, improvements, ONE price prediction, and new project forecasts, ONE investors can expect several collaborations and integrations by 2024. Furthermore, this may increase the price of ONE in the crypto market, making it the ideal investment because the price may rise to about $5.

Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction for 2025

ONE’s price could rise to $8 in the next four years. Furthermore, ONE may find it easier to reach this level if additional medium, short-term, and long-term price goals for purchase or sell orders can be discovered. According to the forecast, ONE has a good chance of breaking through to a new ATH in the next four years.

Harmony Price Prediction for 2026

ONE price could reach $10 in the next five years. Furthermore, ONE may find it easier to reach this level if additional medium, short-term, and long-term price goals for purchase or sell orders can be discovered. According to the forecast, ONE has a good chance of breaking through to a new ATH in the next five years.

Is Harmony ONE A Good Investment?

Despite its involvement in certain prominent blockchain industries such as DeFi and NFTs, the Harmony cryptocurrency faces stiff competition from other dApp platforms including Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. However, your circumstances and risk tolerance will determine whether the ONE coin has potential for your investment portfolio. Before investing in Harmony ONE, you should choose the level of risk you are willing to take. And never put money into something you can’t afford to lose.


In 2022, Harmony has a bright future ahead of it. We may see ONE achieve new heights as a result of continuous advancements within the ONE ecosystem as well as in the larger crypto market.

$0.363 is the bullish ONE price estimate for 2022. If investors determine that ONE, along with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a solid investment in 2021, it may reach $0.5.


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