Is Metaverse Becoming the Newest Destination for Indian Wedding?

Is Metaverse Becoming the Newest Destination for Indian Weddings?

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With ‘metaverse‘ events, even the departed can attend, India takes its enormous, massive weddings to the next level. COVID created a digital revolution in India, but are 3D weddings indeed rising?

You’ve most likely heard this word so many times in the last few months that you’re aware that it will assist you in marketing your company online and benefit you by building a new method of interaction.

Concept of Metaverse Wedding – The New Normal in India 

A virtual venue developed by a virtual space designer is included in metaverse weddings. Couples can invite guests those who were unable to accommodate in a traditional setting to their wedding on the cloud. The avatars of the bride and groom and the wedding gown are also customized to look like the actual individuals on their big day. The avatars can also dance.

What is the Metaverse Execution Process Like?

TardiVerse, a Chennai-based start-up run by Vignesh Selvaraj, needed 30 days and 12 team members to prepare for the Tamil Nadu wedding. Selvaraj says:

“We started planning this wedding in January and wrapped up in a month’s time with design and development. The decor and planning depended on the couple’s preferences. This couple liked Harry Potter, so we went ahead with the theme. We sat down to decide the timing of the function, textures and avatars. 

We did not meet any wedding planners as it would have interrupted with our creativity. For an Indian touch, we had the groom and bride avatars dress up in traditional wear at the Hogwarts castle. The wedding cost approximately ₹5,00,000.”

In contrast, a Tamil Nadu couple chose to hold their wedding reception digitally, made it India’s first Metaverse wedding.

Dinesh S P and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy married on February 1st in the Krishnagiri district. However, the couple transported guests to a virtual venue via a login link on their laptops for their reception.

According to the Times of India, the celebration took place in Hogwarts castle’s dining room, where the couple’s avatar will meet the avatars of their loved ones who will log in from all around the world.

The bride’s late father’s avatar will preside over the wedding reception.

What the Future May Hold?

According to Anam Zubair, assistant director of marketing at WeddingWire India:

“The trend is at a very nascent stage, but millennials and Gen Z, who are investing heavily in NFTs, could be early adopters. We believe it’ll shape how the next generation plans weddings.”

There are apparent advantages of conducting a virtual reception or ceremony. A growing number of people have relatives and friends who live worldwide, attending in-person is impossible. A metaverse celebration allows individuals to remotely attend key events while making the experience as authentic as possible.

While not everyone will want to hold their wedding reception in a virtual fantasy world or believe that significant life events require metaverse embellishment. There will be many who are willing to escape into a virtual world to make their life events unique and immersive–even if it is through a VR headset.

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