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What is Inheritcoin (INH)? Is INH a Good Investment in 2022?

From its inception, Inheritcoin has been backed by institutions and leading fund and asset management groups, and many more have joined before going mainstream. INH is proving itself, again and again, to be a valuable asset in 2022.

What is Inheritcoin (INH)?

INH also known as Inherit coin, is A digital currency linked to a minimum value of $1.00 with a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens at a total market cap of $100,000,000 $USDT…

$INH exists on ERC-20 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, decentralized and verified by Inherit computers around the world.

As inheritance gains popularity and use, the value may increase above the initial peg-value value of 1.00 $USDT. For example, if 1000 people want 1000 inherit coins, the fair market value is inherit would be 1.00 $USDT each and if 2000 people each want 1000 inherit coins, the fair market value of Inherit increases to $2.00. In this way Inherit coin market cap rise to 2.00 $USDT. With time Inherit price can reach 10 Inherit, 100 Inherit, or even higher

Who is behind the INH coin?

Inherit coin is backed by the Fund and Asset management group, which describes people, their thoughts and institutions that manage investments on behalf of traders and investors.

Features of Inheritcoin (INH)

  1. Fixed Supply – The total supply of Inherit tokens is 100,000,000. There will never be any more (guaranteed by code). By definition, inherit is deflationary. Inherit starts at 1.00 $USDT per token, and its value rises over time as scarcity increases.
  2. Moonshot Upside – There is an unlimited upside for inherit holders. inherit, unlike traditional stablecoins (pegged to 1 Token = 1 $USDT), has a fixed supply and thus an uncapped limit. As inherit grows in popularity and circulation, it has the potential to attain higher values, potentially worth as much as 10 or 100 inherit. The limit is the moon.
  3. Store of Value + Transactional Currency – inherit can be used as a store of wealth and a means of transaction because it is a decentralised currency safeguarded by inherits of computers throughout the world on the Ethereum blockchain. The unique finite quantity of inheritcoin makes it an extremely good store of value with unlimited potential. inherit can be used for microtransactions because it can be sent in fractional amounts (up to 18 decimals).
  4. Mainnet Blockchain – Inheritchain ecosystem on its own mainnet blockchain with interoperability protocols to disrupt the mortgage, debt & lending industry is already in the Alpha stage

How secure is the INH coin?

As a decentralized currency backed by legacy computers around the world on the Ethereum blockchain, inheritance can be used both as a store of value and as a means of transaction. inherit’s unique limited offer makes it a particularly ideal store of value with unlimited growth potential. inherit can be transferred in fractional amounts (up to 18 decimal places), which allows it to be used for microtransactions too.

Is Inheritcoin (INH) a Good Investment in 2022?

Wallet Investor predicted that INH would be a “great” long-term investment. According to the inheritance cryptocurrency price projection, INH’s price could reach $25 by end of the year. The statements are backed by the work and technology the INH team is implementing in order to make transactional fees less as well as burn events every year that will help in soaring prices for INH.

INH coin price prediction :

Presently, INH has increased by 4.05% in the last 24 hours and is likely to increase in the near future. INH has a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens at a total market cap of $100,000,000 $USDT.  It is a decentralised coin and every cryptocurrency transaction is incredibly safe and has a minimal transaction cost. When it comes to time and energy usage, Inherit Coin consumes significantly less time and energy than bitcoin to complete a transaction. Many cryptocurrencies have said they offer utility benefits, but have failed miserably in this regard. INH, on the other hand, confirms the use of the environment it has created.

Where to buy an INH coin?

BuyUcoin is the platform where anyone can buy INH (Inherit coin) easily through the classic market. Signup at https://trade.buyucoin.com/ and once you finish the KYC process you can start your crypto journey with INH.

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