BitShares (BTS) coins are more of a security than a currency, since they’re used as collateral, and they cannot be mined. On the BitShares network, tokens can be issued that are convertible to BTS, which can then be converted to BitAssets, which are linked to real-world markets.

What Is BitShares (BTS)?

BitShares is a decentralised platform that aims to establish a more efficient worldwide payment network. It’s widely used for safely trading cryptocurrencies without the use of middlemen.It was first released as ProtoShares (PTS) in July 2014, but was rebranded to BitShares (BTS) less than a year later.

The BitShares (BTS) token powers the platform, which can be used for a range of things, including the development of smartcoins known as “BitAssets,” which can have a variety of attributes and represent nearly anything — such as reward points, collateralized fiat-pegged tokens, and IOUs.

The BitShares platform is run by a decentralised autonomous business (DAC), giving BTS token holders control over the network’s future and which features to add next.

It is based on Graphene, an open-source blockchain solution that can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it quicker than both MasterCard and VISA combined.

BitShares is undergoing a relaunch as of January 2021, and will be undergoing several big modifications in the coming months.

How Secure Is the BitShares Network?

BitShares’ network is secured via a bespoke delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus process. This method combines witnesses and decentralised voting to provide a more democratic consensus mechanism that avoids the negative impacts of centralization.

This approach eliminates the need for repeated transaction confirmations, allowing BitShares transactions to be completed in a fraction of the time. Rather, delegates (also known as witnesses) are in charge of generating and airing blocks, with several protections in place to guarantee that these witnesses behave in the network’s best interests.

What Makes BitShares Unique?

BitShares’ integrated decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platform (DEX) allows users to trade normal cryptocurrencies as well as more traditional financial assets (through BitAssets) without the need for a middleman.

BitShares is frequently referred to as the world’s first DeFi enabled blockchain due to its native DEX and support for synthetic assets (BitAssets).

BitShares is also one of the few blockchain platforms that does not use addresses at all. It instead distinguishes users using simple memos, giving it one of the more accessible crypto sites. It’s also based around a popular referral programme that distributes upgrade costs between referrers and the BitShares network to encourage network growth.

It was the first blockchain to use self-governed delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) technology and boasts a 3-second transaction processing time, making it one of the quickest blockchains in use today.

Where Can You Buy BitShares (BTS)?

You must first open an account with a reputable Cryptocurrency exchange to begin trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows you to trade digital currencies.

Let’s say you want to buy BitShares in India and want to acquire the best price as quickly as possible. BuyUcoin Exchange is the sole exchange you’ll need to start investing in BitShares in such an instance. You can even invest in BTS with your debit card through MasterCard, NEFT or UPI.

Is BitShare coin a good investment?

Bitshares (BTS) is a peer-to-peer digital asset exchange that was founded in 2013. However, in recent years, its price action and growth potential have remained largely stagnant. On January 2, 2018, the price of a bitshares token reached an all-time high of $0.916.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that cryptocurrency is the finest investment of the decade and are curious but unsure where to begin. Perhaps you’re concerned about the volatility but still want to take advantage of better rates than those offered by your present financial institutions.

It is critical to conduct your own research and keep in mind that your decision to invest in the BTS token or any other currency is based on your risk tolerance, market knowledge, portfolio spread, and comfort level with losing money. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose when trading.


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