Rules For the Game

  1. Every day, for the next 7 days based on each Ramayana Kanda the quiz will start containing contains 5 questions. 
  2. You have 60 seconds to answer them. 
  3. Complet the questionnaire. Don’t worry if you gave the wrong answer. You can participate the next day and win the prize. 
  4. At the end of of 7 days, based on the leaderboard winners will be shortlisted
  5. Win handsome prizes worth of 2 Lakhs with NFTs, T-Shirt, Mug, Dairy and many More.


Test your knowledge of the Ramayana and let  the teachings of Lord Rama guide you on the path of victory.

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Winners name will be disclosed on Monday after Amount Distribution | NFT & T-Shirt will be given to First Rank Holder, Delivery in 7-14 Days depending on the location.

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Ramayana, (Sanskrit: “Rama’s Journey”) was written in Sanskrit around the fourth century by the sage Valmiki and consists of around 23440 couplets grouped into seven books known as “kands” in its current form. Ramayana narrates the deity Rama’s royal birth in the country of Ayodhya (Oudh), his training under the sage Vishvamitra, and his triumph in bending Shiva’s great bow at the wedding tournament of Sita, the daughter of King Janaka, thereby winning her as his wife.

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After being expelled as heir to the kingdom due to palace intrigue, Rama travels to the jungle with his wife and his favourite brother, Lakshmana, to spend 14 years in exile. There, Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka, imprisons Sita and carries her to his capital, while her two guardians are preoccupied with following a golden deer sent to the jungle to mislead them. Sita resolutely rejected Ravana’s solicitations, and Rama and his brother set out to save her.

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After a series of adventures, they form an alliance with Sugriva, King of the Monkeys, and attack Lanka with the help of Hanuman and Ravana’s own brother, Vibhishana. Rama kills Ravana and saves Sita, who goes through a fire trial to clear herself of charges of disloyalty.

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Upon his return and rule in Ayodhya, Rama learns that the people continue to question the queen’s faithfulness; then he exiles Sita to the jungle. There she meets the sage Valmiki and gives birth to Rama’s two sons at his hermitage. When the sons reach adulthood, the family is reunited, but Sita, after once more proclaiming her innocence, dives into the earth, her mother embracing her and taking her up.

Ramayana Kanda

  1. Bala Kanda:“The Book of Youth”,Lord  Rama’s childhood and youth are depicted in Bala Kanda 
  2. Ayodhya Kanda: “The Book of Ayodhya,” describes Dasaratha’s court, and the events that set the setting for the story’s unfolding, including the dialogue between Dasaratha and Kaikeyi and Rama’s exile;
  3. Aranya Kanda: “The Book of the Forest” describes life in the forest during the fourteen-year exile and Ravana’s abduction of Sita.
  4. Kishkindhya Kanda: “The Book of the Empire of Holy Monkeys,” Rama’s tenure in Kishkindha, the search for Sita, and the slaying of Bali.
  5. Sundara Kanda: “The Book of the Beautiful (Hanuman),” sundara means beautiful, and this chapter of the book encompasses lyrical beauty; narration of the landscapes through which Rama wanders, and the arrival of Rama and his allies in Lanka;
  6. Yuddha Kanda: “The Book of War,” Ravana’s defeat, Sita’s recovery, Rama’s return to Ayodhya, and Rama’s coronation
  7. Uttara Kanda: “The Book Beyond,” the “later section,” covering Rama’s life in Ayodhya, Sita’s exile, the birth of Lava and Kusa, Rama and Sita’s reunification, her return to earth, and Rama’s ascension into heaven.

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