Blockchain usage in telecom industry In India
Receiving Unwanted calls and SMS is very common these days. To resolve the problem of getting unwanted calls and SMS, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India planned to adopt the blockchain technology.
The Draft of consultation paper released by TRAI having the proposal of usage of blockchain technology to prevent the spam calls and SMS. The Paper named as “Telecom commercial communications customer preference regulations 2018 having the proposal in which it is clearly mentioned that the use of blockchain technology is to make sure that the promotional and telemarketing messages will not be received by the users who have activated the DND(Don’t Disturb)
It is ensured and expected that with the implementation of blockchain technology the problem can be easily and completely resolved.

According to Mr. R.S.Sharma-Chairman TRAI said In India, Users send every month around 30 billion SMS and Trai would be the very 1st organization in the world to implement blockchain technology on a large scale.
With the technology, it will be easy to find out the detail of any agency who sends the telemarketing SMS to the users who has opted the DND service.
So to make sure the users don’t face the botheration of unwanted calls and SMS. Mr.Gupta- Secretary TRAI has explained that according to the new norms that are to be followed, The access to data will be provided to the agencies that are registered and authorized and also only if they need to provide the service, not before that and only the data of that users will be provided to agencies who have not activated the DND services and if any agency try to send the telemarketing SMS and calls to the users activated DND service, will be fined
To give the comment on the proposal TRAI has given the time till 11th June 2018 to the users.

It is expected that it will bring revolution in the telecom industry.

Conclusion:-It is clear that future will be of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Each and every industry is slowly moving towards the adoption of the technology to overcome the problems occur with the traditional system.

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