Cryptocurrency Performance 2018

Cryptocurrency is the hottest and very popular topic. Not only common man but celebrities are also taking interest in cryptocurrencies. As compared to the previous year the performance is down because of the clampdown by RBI. It affected the market but the cryptocurrencies which stand in top ten positions according to market cap performed better as compared to previous year. Even after the barring of services by RBI, crypto enthusiasts are trading in cryptocurrencies without any worry. As compared to the previous year, in 2018, despite suffering from heavy losses, Bitcoin and Ethereum performed well. The price of
BTC and ETH increased by 240%. Ripple which is at 3 rd position according to market also performed this year well as compare to previous year. The value of XRP increased by163%. NEM that grabbed 4 the position according to market cap also increased by 20.75%. Litecoin in top ten cryptocurrencies in market gained 365%

Not only these cryptocurrencies but also DASH, GNT, MONERO also maintained their position according to market cap and performed well. As compared to previous year DASH increased by 190% and GNT not increased that much but with 5%.

The performance of Monero is also good as compare to previous year. It was increased by 340%


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Conclusion:- The performance of cryptocurrency in 2018 even after the clampdown is truly indicated that the cryptocurrencies will perform well and will grow like never-ending.

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