Why Security of Cryptocurrency Exchange is Important?

In India, these days the security breeching scam related news is in the air. Today the main concern of everyone is the security of their investment. The cryptocurrency exchanges are the platform that provides users a platform to trade in digital coins, recently the biggest scam of 20 crores in India shocked the users. The security of the data and assets of users must be the prime concern for the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why is security important?

The security is very important for Cryptocurrency exchanges, The scam totally depends on the level of security of the exchange.

The main reasons behind the need for security are

  1. While Filling the KYC Form the users have to submit their government identification details like Adhaar card, taxpayer identification number means  PAN Card and so many others details like Bank Account details. The security of these details is necessary to avoid misusing through fraud activities
  2. The digital currency and cash stores in the wallet of Exchanges


Cryptocurrency Exchange security in India

In India, Buyucoin is Delhi based leading cryptocurrency exchange. It is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers multi cryptocurrencies. It provides best-encrypted hardware wallets for storing more than 30 cryptocurrencies. At BuyUCoin you can trade cryptocurrencies directly with your INR. With most secure and encrypted hardware wallets and fast trade execution practices with 0% transaction cost gives an opportunity to cryptocurrency enthusiast to trade confidently. Itis the most dedicated ,user friendly and trusted digital currency exchange platform as it strictly follows the payment industry best practices with KYC-AML policies and the coins are stored in secure offline hardware wallet and there is no chance of being hacked as very strict measures are added by adopting a very high encryption features  to ensure the privacy of all the funds from any kind of fraudsters. It offers two-factor authentication ( 2FA) method to confirm a user’s claimed identity by utilizing a combination of two different components.

Why Choose BuyUcoin?

  • Easily accessible and user-friendly platform:-  As compare to other cryptocurrency platforms BuyUcoin is very easy and user-friendly platform that made it simple and easy for users to join by following simple steps of the registration process. By Just a few clicks you can easily transfer funds to your account and trade on the platform 24/7.
  • Zero transaction fees:- You can trade on BuyUCoin free of cost means you are free to trade without worrying that your hard earned money will be snatched away from you by the fees.
  • Fully Secured Platform:- BuyUcoin is fully committed to ensuring that your fund is well protected. Very strict measures are placed to ensure the privacy of all the funds with 100% security. Highly and strong encryption features are adopted to ensure that all transactions done by users are protected from fraudsters.
  • 24*7, The Best User Support:- 24*7  customer support is provided to the users by the expert team who are 24*7 available and ready to give real-time assistance to users.
  • Fast Withdrawals:-  Users get rights to control their hard earned money. It is the very efficient platform that allows users to withdraw money at lightning speed.


Buy Cryptocurrency In India

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