What is “HODLING”?

The things you must need to know There are a lot of jargons used in the cryptocurrency world by the traders. One of them is “HODL”. Yes, surely you got confused by this word as I did when I listened to this word very first time. Sudden a thought came to mind that maybe the word “HODL” is misspelled but when I checked it on google then I realized no it’s not misspelled its correct word. So, in this article, I will explain about “HODL”.

The origin of the word happened in 2013 on the Bitcoin Talk Form by one of the member named Game Kyuubi who mistakenly wrote HODL instead of HOLD. From that day the word became popular and commonly used by the traders. Actually the word “HODL’ stands for Hold on for Dear Life The traders who buy the digital currency at a high price and HODL it awaiting the market to be a boom. But it’s also true just not HODL gives the result. Instead of only HODLing, you must be aware of the things

Always identify the cryptocurrencies that are giving a negative return and not any significant change.

– Identify the coin which is usually fluctuating in the value

– Trade in the coin having high fluctuation at a lower price.

– Always Sell your coin at the higher price.

Till the time HODL the coin

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