What is EOS?

EOS is a decentralized operating system based on blockchain similar to Ethereum that is designed to support the commercial-scale decentralized applications and For building blockchain applications it allows businesses by providing all of the necessary core functionalities that are required to build the blockchain applications similar way to web-based applications.

History of EOS

EOS Cryptocurrency came into existence on 26th June 2017. It was launched by Dan Larrimer, who is the founder and creator of Bitshare and steem too. The main aim of launching the EOS is to provide the quickest platform for DAPPS. EOS process thousands of transactions per second.

Features of EOS

 The promised features of EOS really able to grab the attention of everyone.

  • EOS uses delegated-proof-of-stake according to this network nominate the multiple witness-nodes as representatives to make certain high-level decisions more quickly, without polling the entire network.
  • EOS introduces the ability to fix bugs and rollback changes with supermajority consensus.
  • EOS’s parallel processing feature and asynchronous communication  provide scalability and fast processing of transactions
  • In EOS each and every transaction includes the hash of the current state of the
  • constitution that is set of rules on which everyone is agreed
  • EOS currently running model permits for 5% inflation rate that will be helpful in the development of the future network.
  • It is very similar to decentralized OS. It allows developers for development of decentralized applications for their businesses. It is faster and secure as compare to ethereum.

Future of EOS

  EOS has a very bright future. its features are the main reason behind the high expectations for it. It is the worth platform for building the DAPPS. So organizations are started to preferring EOS instead of Ethereum because of high scalability and security. It opens up doors for more and more decentralized applications.

How to Buy/ Sell EOS  In India?

The Demand for EOS is Increasing these day.BuyUcoin.com make it easy to convert your local currency into and out of EOS by providing a secure, safe and user-friendly platform

To Buy/Sell/Trade in EOS in India. BuyUCoin is the best Indian Exchange which offers EOS /INR trading pair. It is India’s Most secure, Dedicated, User-friendly and trusted digital exchange. BuyUCoin is the most secure, reliable and trusted platform that allows you to trade in as well as more than 30 cryptocurrencies. It also allows you to store your coins in secure EOS Wallet. You can sell /buy /trade in EOS and other cryptocurrencies at best rate in INR at BuyUCoin with simple steps. It follows payment industry best practices with strict KYC-AML policies. Because of these features, BuyUCoin becomes a leader in Indian cryptocurrency Market of cryptocurrency exchanges.

By following the steps you can easily Buy/sell/exchange EOS in India.

  • Create Your Account:–The very First Step to Register Yourself for buyUcoin account by clicking on ”Sign Up” at the top-right of the website and fill the registration form. After Verification of Email id and Phone No. This will provide you the Secure place to store your Stellar and easy payment methods to convert your local currency into and out of EOS.
  • Fill KYC and Connect Your Bank Account:- Upload all the required documents and your bank account details. After Completion of the Verification, You can Start Purchasing.
  • Create Wallet:- Click on ‘Create Your Wallet’ in the Wallet section in your ‘Account’. Deposit desired amount of funds into buyUcoin account. Click on ‘Deposit INR’ option on your buyUcoin ‘Wallet’ and follow the instruction given there. After the deposit is done, your funds will be credited in your buyUcoin wallet.
  • Buy/Sell EOS:-To buy the desired coins, click on Buy/Sell tab corresponding to Currency Name. Make your bids for the prices at which you want to buy the coins. After the processing, you will get Coins in your account.

The similar process to be followed for Selling.

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