Long-term Analysis for Cloak Coin

CloakCoin is a peer to peer, decentralized, an open source cryptocurrency network. The Transactions are supported by the “Cloakers” that helps in maintaining the link between the recipients. The currency is based on the blockchain concept. The communication between users is totally encrypted. It makes it tough for the transaction to be traced by the 3rd party because no information is left online to give the hacker a way to trace transactions. Cloakcoin was launched in June 2014 and relaunched in 2016. It uses a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and offers an interest of 6 % p.a. on staked coins.

Price of CloakCoin In India

In June 2014 In Indian Cryptocurrency market Cloakcoin entered with INR 10.64 and in August 2014 it reached at the highest value of INR  92.12 but after that, the price started declining and closed the year 2014 with INR 0.3947

On 1st Jan 2015 Cloakcoin was trading at INR 0.4479 and it started moving towards the growth and reached at its’ highest price of INR 8.43in mid of 2015 and on 28th July the  security audit was released by Ian ‘JonnyBravo’ Craig, a well-regarded developer and he suggested some changes to be done in the cloakcoin to improve the performance and potential.and after so many fluctuations,cloakcoin closed the year 2015 with INR 2.31


In 2016 it entered with the price of cloakcoin in INR 2.88 and started increasing and it reached INR 13.14 in March and then started declining in the price. In October the relaunching of cloakcoin done after making improvement was relaunched and  the market started improving and it closed the year 2016 with INR 12.51


On 1st Jan 2017 Cloakcoin was trading at INR 15.49 and it during the journey towards the growth trend, it faced many fluctuations in price but it kept itself stable as compare to previous years, the demand of cloakcoin increased as it was started fulfilling the requirements as per it’s featured. Even after so many fluctuations in sept,2017 it reached INR 688.64 and after that, it started declining but in dec 2017 it became skyrocket and closed the year 2017 with the price of Cloakcoin in INR 1,978


The year 2017 was the booming year in the history of cloakcoin.


In 2018 the initial price of the cloak was INR 1,981 and it faced a decline in the price and closed the month of Jan 2018 with INR 837.33


On 1st Feb 2018, the price of the cloak in INR 790.74 and it kept fluctuating and closed the month with INR 662.03


In March 2018, Cloakcoin was trading at INR 701.51 and it started growing and reached the highest value of INR  999.22 but again it starting moving towards downward direction and closed the month with INR 322.35

On 1st  April 2018, cloakcoin’s price was INR 336.23 and it’s slowly moving towards the growth. It is a profitable cryptocurrency to trade in as it maintained it’s stability during the market crash. It is predicted that it’s the most stable coin to hold for long-term and it will give expected revenue of around 81% in 5 years.


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