To buy any cryptocurrency you can add money in your BuyUcoin wallet.

BuyUcoin offers the easiest way to exchange INR into multiple cryptocurrencies at the best price.

Now you can convert INR into Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, NEO and many other cryptocurrencies. Here’s the complete list of cryptocurrencies listed at BuyUcoin 

Adding money in your buyUcoin wallet can be divided into two major step.

1. Add our bank account as beneficiary

Follow the below steps to accomplish this task –

  • Click on the ‘Wallet‘ after you log into your BuyUcoin ‘Account‘.
    Best Cryptocurrency Wallet India

    Click on ‘Wallet’ to continue…

  • Your BuyUcoin wallet will show up after you click on ‘Wallet‘.
    India's best multi cryptocurrency wallet at BuyUcoin

    Your ‘Wallet‘ details are shown here.


  • Now click on ‘Deposit‘ button present in the INR column.Deposit INR at buyUcoin easily and buy cryptocurrency


  • After you click on ‘Deposit’, you’ll be redirected to INR Deposit process.(Make sure that you have unblocked popups in your Internet Browser)Easiest deposit INR process for cryptocurrency


  • You will find our bank account details in this section, add these bank account details as beneficiary in your account.

2. Add money into BuyUcoin Wallet –

Follow the below steps to add money into your wallet.

  • After addition of this account as beneficiary, you can transfer money into the given bank account through payment methods like IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI from your account at any one of the Indian Banks.


  • Once you credit our bank account, you will receive either of these Payment Reference Number from your bank through SMS (You can also check it in your bank statements and transaction screenshot) -For money transfer through IMPS – R Reference Number (RRN)
    For money transfer through NEFT – UTR Number
    For money transfer through RTGS – UTR Number
    For money transfer through     UPI – R Reference Number (RRN)


  • Now create a ‘Deposit request’ to get the money into your BuyUcoin wallet.


  • Enter the amount transferred along with the Payment Reference Number in the ‘Deposit‘ Function and click on ‘Create Deposit Request
Deposit Cryptocurrency with INR easy without bitcoin

That’s all you need to do!




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