Refer and Earn up to ₹5700 | Join India’s Best Referral Program BuyUcoin Braves

Refer and Earn up to ₹5700 | Join India’s Best Referral Program BuyUcoin Braves

BuyUcoin Braves India's Best Referral Program

You know BuyUcoin is on a mission to make crypto accessible to the Billions of the Indian public. We have been on this mission for over five years, and we are grateful for the support the Indian crypto community has given us.

You have advanced our mission. Now we officially acknowledge and consider you, we work harder for the crypto community in India. Because it’s still in its infancy.

Here is a way you can do it.

Join “BuyUcoin Braves Rank” and become a member of the community that gives you access to 130+ Cryptocurrencies in India.

Join with BuyUcoin Braves

BuyUcoin Braves Revenue Model

Referral Marketing Program

Rewards Levels

Stage 1, Per Sign Up: ₹10

Stage 2, Per Mobile Verification: ₹20

Stage 3, Per KYC Verified, Sign Up: ₹100

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Rewards Distribution

Rewards will be distributed in the INR Wallet of BuyUcoin on every 30th of the Month with accumulated results of Current & Previous Month (Level jumps).

Reward Calculation: 26th Previous Month to 25th Current Month.

Referral Braves Case Study

Congratulate, r*****4@*****.com, Rajesh Arora, One of the Beta Applicant of the program accumulated 234 Signups this month.

Stage 1: 178 Signups made Amount of ₹1780

Stage 2: 21 Signups with Mobile Verification made Amount of ₹420

Stage 3: 35 Signups with KYC Verification made Amount of ₹3500

Total Reward: ₹5700 till 18th August 2021

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