Ledger Reveals Clear Signing Initiative, Combats Blind Signing Risks

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Ledger, the popular hardware wallet manufacturer known for its digital asset security solutions, has introduced the Clear Signing Initiative designed to improve the transparency and safety of digital transactions.

This new approach addresses the issue of Blind Signing—a practice that involves approving transactions without fully understanding their details—exposing users to potential fraud and harmful actions, such as sending funds to incorrect addresses or executing unintended smart contracts.

The full details of the initiative was revealed at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris by Charles Guillemet, Chief Technology Officer at Ledger, which he later shared in a thread on X.

Source: Ledger

What is Clear Signing and how does it work?

Ledger’s Clear Signing initiative aims to make transaction details transparent and understandable. The initiative is based on two main principles:

Clear Transaction Intent: Wallets will show the type of approval being requested and the dApp making the request.
Human-Readable Transaction Fields: Transactions will be displayed in a format that outlines the assets involved, making them easily understandable.

This converts complex smart contract data into a human-readable format using a simple JSON schema, ensuring integration with digital asset wallets and dApps, reducing the risks associated with blind signing.

Ledger plans to release Clear Signing tools, libraries, and APIs this summer, with standards accessible via their GitHub repository to encourage adoption with the goal of making Clear Signing a standard for secure and transparent digital transactions.

Ledger encourages the digital asset community to contribute to refining the standard.

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