Consensys Acquires Wallet Guard, Strengthens MetaMask Security

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Consensys, the Ethereum-focused software company behind MetaMask, has acquired Wallet Guard, a provider of browser extension security and digital asset protection.

This comes amidst increasing concerns over cybersecurity and aims to bolster MetaMask‘s security capabilities by enhancing scam and drainer detection through transaction validation and client-side heuristics, offering users real-time protection against malicious dApps and scams.

The acquisition aligns with Consensys’ strategic growth, following earlier acquisitions of Special Mechanisms Group (SMG), HAL, and MyCrypto.

Source: MetaMask

Wallet Guard Joins MetaMask Team

“MetaMask is unique among wallets in providing not only strong default security features, but also security-enhancing plugins through our Snaps extensibility platform, combining to make MetaMask the leading choice for securely building and using all of web3,” said Patrick Berarducci, MetaMask & Infura Business Group Lead at Consensys. “With their best-in-class security engine and talented team, Wallet Guard will enhance and accelerate MetaMask’s security roadmap and market position, as well as complementing well our ongoing collaborations with web3 security partners.”

Following the acquisition, the entire Wallet Guard team will join Consensys within the MetaMask Product Safety Team. MetaMask will also continue collaborating with its security partners to ensure comprehensive protection across all threat vectors.

“Advancements in security, fraud and scam prevention are essential for the mass adoption of web3, and we’re proud to be joining a company that is equally committed to ensuring the best and safest experience imaginable,” said Ohm Shah, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Wallet Guard.

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