Happy Raksha Bandhan

BuyUcoin Wishes Happy Raksha Bandhan To Everyone

To Bonding and Love,

Tomorrow is the Raksha Bandhan festival, and millions of Indian sisters and brothers will be celebrating it all around the world.

Raksha Bandhan, the simplest meaning and purity it holds in itself where Raksha signifies to protect and Bandhan means to confirm it. Therefore, this beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan means a lot as it strengthens the significant bond between a brother and a sister. On this day a sister ties a thread of love and faith to seeking protection from all the evils and in return, the brother promises to support, guide, and respect the scared bond forever.

Story Behind Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The reason why this festival is celebrated started way back in the Dwapar Yug. A very famous mythological era among the Hindus. The story starts when Princess Draupadi ties a piece of cloth from her saree to help Lord Krishna when he accidentally cuts himself from his own ‘Sudarshan Chakra’.

The gesture made by Princess Draupadi moved Lord Krishna very deeply and he promised her to be her saviour in time of need, which he later proves to be when Kaurva tries to disgrace Draupadi in front of everyone present in the courtroom. Lord Krishna blessed Draupadi by protecting her dignity in the famous incident of ‘Cheer Haran’.

Not only this there are multiple other mythological and historical stories such as it is said that the first ever Rakhi was tied by a wife to her husband seeking his protection that is when Lord Indra’s wife Sachi tied a cotton thread on his wrist for his protection during ‘Samudra Manthan’ after the suggestion of Lord Vishnu.

Even in Indian history, the widowed queen of Chittoor sent a Rakhi to Muslim emperor Humayun in the urge to protect her land from Bahadur Shah’s invasion.

Another mythological incident between Yamuna and Yama is also, even in recent modern history when Rabindranath Tagore started a culture in West Bengal to tie Rakhi among friends, neighbours, Hindus, and Muslims to create a bond of love, harmony, and respect. In this decade we believe Raksha Bandhan should signify the relationship of love, protection, and brotherhood between siblings where both brother and sister stand with each other in all the situations of life.

We can literally say that a bond between siblings is the purest and most realistic emotion of all, as they know each other requirement’s, secrets, and weak points, they fight and yet still love each other so deeply.

Happy Raksha Bandhan From BuyUcoin

So, this Rakhi let’s cherish the little sweet and sour relationship we hold with our siblings, let’s live in the moment and feel the fullness of love, protection, and guidance that we hold within ourselves for our brother and sisters.

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