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Studying in the metaverse is gaining popularity among South Korean students, who believe it helps them concentrate better and keep up with friends, similar to studying in a library or cafe.

South Korean students use the metaverse to help them concentrate on their studies 2022 krishhh 11 | BuyUcoin

How Metaverse is helping South Korea students

  • According to local media, students in South Korea who are studying for school or national examinations are collaborating in the metaverse with their cameras and microphones turned on. They then get down to business with their daily study schedule.
    According to media sources, users believe that learning with others on the metaverse helps them keep track of their progress.
  • Another user informed local media that they prefer it to studying at a library or a study room because they don’t have to wear masks or keep an eye on the noise level.
    Tagroom, a home platform developed exclusively for users who seek a virtual environment to support their studying practises, is one of the most popular metaverses for this reason.
  • Meanwhile, Korea’s internet behemoth Kakao has backed out of a July announcement that it would promote a metaverse working system – working remotely while remaining linked via the metaverse.
    Employees at Kakao have complained that the new system is overly intrusive, particularly for those who are compelled to communicate with their coworkers via audio during the mandatory working hours of 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Source: Forkast

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