Luxury brand, Burberry has signed an agreement with Blankos Block Party, a subsidiary of Mythical Games, to create its own metaverse universe. Blankos Block Party will gain extra characters and in-game stuff as a result of the new relationship.

The NFT craze attracts luxury brands.

Burberry and Mythical Games cooperated last year to develop a Burberry-branded Sharky B character and accessories. This year, the fashion behemoths plan to release Minny B, a mascot who closely resembles a unicorn. The character will be embossed with Burberry’s trademark and will be equipped with a boom box and a gold horseshoe chain, according to sources.

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The Burberry metaverse will launch on June 22 and will take the appearance of a floating virtual sanctuary. Previous owners of Burberry in-game stuff will get first crack at uncommon items, with complimentary digital bucket hats already reserved for owners of Sharky B, a Burberry character who debuted in 2021.

We are on a learning curve, so there’s a huge amount of value in how we learn to engage with the community and new creators and how that relationship evolves,” said Rachel Waller, the luxury brand leading executive. “There is a huge amount that we measure in terms of what we measure in terms of what we are learning. That’s where the partnership becomes really important for us.”

Jamie Jackson, co-founder of Mythical Games, believes the agreement will help the luxury brand gain new customers. “We know our customers, particularly our younger customers, are really interested in this space,” Jackson added.

Balmain isn’t far behind with its NFTs.

With a collaboration with Jeff Cole to design artwork for the new Balmain Unicorn sneaker, Balmain, a French luxury brand, is embracing NFT. The NFTs will be used as part of a sneaker marketing campaign. The designs will make their premiere at Balmain’s Madison Avenue boutique during the NFT.NYC conference.

The sneaker’s designer, Olivier Rousteing, expressed joy at Cole’s NFTs. “I couldn’t be happier with the end product.” “Jeff clearly grasped that the spirit of our new unicorn has a lot more to do with the fabled creature’s elusive beauty and exceptional strength than any literal depiction of its shape,” Rousteing explained.

Gucci has expanded its connection with Roblox and announced ambitions to work with the Sandbox as it seeks to establish a presence in the cryptoverse. TAG Heuer and Balenciaga have joined a select group of designer houses that have began taking bitcoins as payment in their stores.

Source: Beincrypto

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