Cardano users are anticipating a slew of new releases on the network this summer.

In the coming months, the Cardano network will see a series of major ecosystem updates like DJED stablecoin. The network’s developer activity is nearing all-time highs, and here’s what users can expect this summer.

Hard fork in June

Benchmark scripts, online statistics, and benchmark entries will be included in one of Cardano’s most significant releases. All of the upgrades are projected to significantly boost network performance, making Cardano’s L1 chain one of the most efficient on the network.

Benchmark scripts are one of the most significant enhancements, since they reduce the size and cost of network transactions by using existing pre-recorded scripts from previous transactions.

P2P network in its entirety

Cardano will get closer to full decentralisation with the release of P2P and the gossip protocol. End users will notice relayless nodes after the new feature is implemented.

Because there will be less restrictions for users wanting to invest in the ecosystem’s decentralisation, the network will become entirely self-regulated and organic.

June Hard Fork, P2P Protocol, DJED Stablecoin, and Other Cardano Events krishhh 4 | BuyUcoin

DJED Stablecoin

The algorithmic stablecoin DJED is one of the most eagerly awaited solutions to reach the network. Although the network may currently have a USDC bridge, Cardano might benefit from a decentralised algorithmic stablecoin.

Cardano plans to deploy a number of decentralised solutions and applications this summer in order to attract users and investors from all across the sector.

Cardano’s base cryptocurrency, ADA, has had an almost 50% price surge in the last five trading days, indicating that heavy development and release activity is already having an impact.

Source: U.Today

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