Daily Crypto News- Meme Coins: The New Hype in The Crypto Industry

Daily Crypto News- Meme Coins: The New Hype in The Crypto Industry

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Meme Coins: The New Hype in The Crypto Industry

Meme coins are the cryptocurrencies that cannot boast of using or inventing any advanced technologies, but they are great at speculating on popular Internet memes and other funny stories.

Various influencers play an important role in promoting meme coins. And for some coins, the main and most important role, as happened with Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, owes their popularity, explosive growth, and audience to Elon Musk and his shocking tweets. As a matter of fact, the market cap of only dogecoin is more than 30 Billion Dollars.

Digital Currency Group wraps up $600 million debt in capital raise.

On Thursday, Digital Currency Group (DCG) confirmed it had secured $ 600 million through a debt capital raise succeeding a recent $700 million secondary equity transaction. The conglomerate has some of the biggest names in the blockchain sector under its umbrella, most notably digital asset manager Grayscale. Its other wholly-owned subsidiaries include cryptocurrency news outlet CoinDesk and full-service digital currency prime broker Genesis.

4JNET: The Upcoming Blockchain Phenomenon

4JNET, the upcomIng Safemoon rival, released its limited-edition NFTs’ presale why it is the emerging blockchain phenomenon.

With blockchain technology entering mainstream industries, numerous blockchain-based projects have entered the market. However, despite the brooding congestion, names like 4JNET are establishing prestige in the early stages.

Machine NFTs: The New Machine Economy Powered by NFTs

Digital creators, traders, and investors exchanged close to $10B in Q3 of 2021. That’s massive and an unthinkable figure. It’s no surprise considering the amount of digital content that has been sold. Till days, Beeple’s artwork remains the most expensive NFT sold, auctioning for $69M. But are non-fungible tokens just about making money off digital artworks and music? – or there is much more to it !!!

Titan Hunters: A Brave New NFT Gaming Project That is Poised to Capture Millions of Gamers

Topebox is a mobile gaming studio behind critically acclaimed titles like Sky Dancer and Gun N Dungeons. Many major publishing powerhouses, such as Bytedance (the company behind TikTok) and Miniclip (the world’s largest privately-owned online gaming website), have collaborated with Topebox and acquired the right to publish their games. Titan Hunters – Topebox’s latest GameFi project – is the company’s most recent effort to combine traditional video gaming with blockchain technology flawlessly.     

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