Daily Crypto News- Axie Infinity Sets ATH As Ethereum-based NFT Game Goes Viral

Daily Crypto News- Axie Infinity Sets ATH As Ethereum-based NFT Game Goes Viral

  • Axie Infinity Sets ATH As Ethereum-based NFT Game Goes Viral


It is a very good day to be an Axie Infinity fan or investor. Axie Infinity’s AXS token rose by 45% overnight, hitting an all-time high price of $18.34. Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired open-world game on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, where players raise, train and battle adorable little tokenized monsters called ‘Axies. 

  • Elon Musk Offers Devs Specific Directions on Making Dogecoin Superior to Bitcoin and Ethereum


Tesla chief executive Elon Musk is known to be the most influential Dogecoin fan. He published a Twitter post, suggesting that after the major upgrade DOGE will become superior to Bitcoin and Ethereum as the meme coin will offer much faster and cheaper transactions than these top-line blockchains.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Hashrate Shows Strong Rebound as BTC Price Looks to Solidify $34K


Bitcoin mining hash rate has shown a strong bounce from the downtrend caused by an extended Chinese crackdown on crypto mining. China was the biggest Bitcoin and crypto mining hub before the crackdown. The hash rate has shown a strong recovery in July and is expected to grow further as more Chinese miners restart their mining operations overseas.

  • Leading Crypto Aggregator Protocol OpenOcean Adds Polygon Network


Crypto aggregator protocol OpenOcean has announced that it added a Polygon blockchain aggregation to its platform. OpenOcean is well-known in the crypto space for providing a superior trading experience to its users. By adding Polygon to its list of supported networks, OpenOcean has once again proved that it deeply cares about offering a rich trading experience to its users.

  • Chainlink’s Top 10 Whales Now Hold 63.3% of LINK’s Circulating Supply


The top 10 Chainlink whales now hold 63.3% of LINK’s circulating supply. The percentage held by the top 10 Chainlink whales has dropped from 67.5% in January 2021. The continual distribution of LINK away from whale addresses is encouraging

Chainlink is once again staring at $15 as its strongest support amidst a descending triangle

Crypto SIP Will Be Launched soon BuyUcoin

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