200 Groundbreaking Smart Contracts On Cardano Remain Time-locked after Alonzo Hard Fork

200 Smart Frozen Contracts: Wait To See Game-Changing Contracts On ADA Know more

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Amongst the craziness in broader crypto, as well as the significance of Cardano volatility; the Alonzo hard fork update for ADA has aimed to provide a solution to preserving; its powerhouse status and dominating the year.

This solution, on the other hand, contains some unexpected twists and turns that leave the bulls hopeful and patient.

Cardano And The Push To The Top

Cardano has had a tremendous year, with a new breed of crypto bulls excited to see what ADA will become. Cardano and its founder; Charles Hoskinson, have been dubbed the “Ethereum killer;” and they appear certain that their team and project will dominate to become the top dog. Smart contracts with Cardano have finally arrived; according to Hoskinson’s recent comments that; the DeFi sector in Cardano’s ecosystem is currently; “open for grabs.” He also mentioned that DeFi is seeing a second wave; and the victors will have both interoperability and liquidity; as well as the capacity to travel multi-chain at a low, predictable cost.

“The way we constructed Cardano was for that second wave” – Charles Hoskinson

Cardano’s founder has been one of the key individuals in crypto to voice the need for better regulation; governance, and much more throughout crypto; yet he also appreciates the importance of decentralization. These considerations helped Hoskinson and; his team builds Cardano, allowing it to fit and work flawlessly with the second wave of DeFi. The successful deployment of the Alonzo hard split created a new wave and; pushed for anyone to easily write smart contracts to the blockchain. What effect will this have on the ADA?

200 Groundbreaking Smart Contracts On Cardano Remain Time-locked after Alonzo Hard Fork Screen Shot 2021 09 23 at 10.23.27 AM | BuyUcoin
ADA: Currently trading at about $2.213 after big jump to $3.00.

200 Smart Contracts We Will Have To Wait To See

According to Cointelegraph; ADA has over 2,300 smart contracts loaded and ready to launch; however, more than 200 of those contracts will not see the light of day just yet. Cardano contains certain game-changing contracts that are still time-locked and unavailable to the public; and many of these extremely noteworthy projects are not yet ready for the rest of the world. However, changing landscapes may come into play, causing this to change. GREED; a reward token that dispersing ADA to holders and; giving a new means to broadcast and stream both live and recorded music, is one of the frozen few.

This list also includes SingularityNET and Cardax, two noteworthy projects with many eyes on what comes next as time passes. As events unfold and more countries address much-needed cryptocurrency rules; all we can do is wait to see what happens next for these initiatives as; we wait to see who will join the list or make their debut.

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