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Crypto Winter is hitting every inch of our bones in the crypto world.

The activity and confidence of an average consumer are going through a free fall when it comes to crypto assets.

But, this is also the best time for the industry to come up with world-shaking innovations that prove the real-life value of Web3.

Nobody should forget that the biggest trendsetters (enablers) of the 2021 bull run like NFTs & Metaverse were all developed during the bearish period of 2018-19 by true BUIDLers.

To keep up with the spirit, we’re launching Crypto Winter Special ’22 – a series of interactive sessions with leaders in the Web3 space.

You are cordially invited to attend the discussions in your comfort.


You will find much-needed insights into how businesses, communities, and entrepreneurs are navigating the current downturn, and hope to give a perspective on how these cycles hold the key to the future of the market.

Additionally, we have onboarded leaders from a variety of industries like IT, Finance, Healthcare, Entertainment, Tourism, Hospitality, etc which are ripe for disruption with Web3.

We wish to see you there with us, hoping we will add some real value.


Crypto Winter Special 2022 – Navigating & BUIDLing for the Future

Meet Tashish Rai Singhani | CEO of UnicusOne

UnicusOne is a Multichain NFT ecosystem building transformational Web3 features and aim to revolutionise tokenisation of both Real World Assets and Metaverse Assets. Tashish Rai Singhani is the CEO and Co-Founder of UnicusOne.

What Tashish Rai Singhani Thinks of the Current Crypto Market?

Winters and Summers are part of any business cycle. We have seen many such waves since the inception of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Correction is an integral part of any trading market across the globe and it is only for good. While we are going through the ‘Crypto Winter’ , it is supposed to be the best time to build. In this case, web3.0 ecosystem will witness huge innovative solutions in terms of Scalability, speed and efficiency. Overall, it’s a good time to BUIDL and HODL.

How Tashish Rai Singhani Participating In Developing Crypto/Blockchain/Nft/Metaverse/Web 3.0 Ecosystem ?

The user centric approach of web3 is what makes it the next big thing, but like any other technical breakthrough, the organic adaption of web3 will takes its time. Web3 is still at a very nascent stage, hence, there’s a disparity between the demand and supply of blockchain resources. We at UnicusOne plan to bridge this gap by providing various developer friendly sdk, npm modules and apis, using which they can transform their web2 application into a web3 application within 15 mins. We aim to make a small contribution towards web3 adaption.

Meet Rohit Khandelwal | Co-Founder of

A commerce graduate, a CA, a CS, Fellow member of the ICAI, Associate member of the ICSI, Entrepreneurship Enthusiast with certification from Harvard, and currently a PhD Scholar in Valuation.

Hi, I am Rohit! I am extremely passionate about the future of finance i.e. crypto. I am keen on everything that denotes growth and change. Talk to me about the future of finance, investments, Fintech and crypto.

Founder of Coin Gabbar , Coin Gabbar is India’s First Marketplace assisting in the Analysis, Research and Investment in Crypto Assets and Director of ‘RS Valuation Services Private Limited’ a Registered Valuer Entity (Registered with IBBI). I am also a Working Partner of ‘SPARK & Associates Chartered Accountants LLP’, head of the Corporate consultancy wing of the firm.

Other than diving deep into the investment market in my free time, I am passionate about mentoring young talent in Finance and teaching students in Nahata Professional Academy ,So far I have trained more than 10000 students preparing for CS/CA exams in various streams of CA and CS.

What Rohit Khandelwal Thinks of the Current Crypto Market?

If you want to know about applicability of the taxation provisions on Cryptocurrency, such that How to calculate the Taxation on crypto, whether Set off of losses from cryptocurrency are allowed, how taxation provisions are applicable on different different type of transactions in crypto , how TDS provisions are applicable on crypto trading and what can be the strategies to reduce the burden on TDS on crypto then join this webinar.

Meet Jatin Dembla | Founder of Educator Ease

Jatin Dembla is an Experienced Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and also skilled in Management, Leadership, Education, Marketing, and Social Media. He is strong marketing professional graduated from sacred Heart co-ed school, Indore.

What Jatin Dembla Thinks of the Current Crypto Market?

It’s not the first time we are seeing this winter this happens always just like a business cycle, moreover why only we are talking about crypto winter and all as there is winter in every where like stocks of all nation and even currencies as well top of that let’s not forget about the recession fear.

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