Tax Deduction at Source – TDS on Crypto In India 2022 – Explained

TDS on Crypto in India 2022

Dear Crypto Investor, We recognize that you might be a little unsure about how taxation and TDS would affect your cryptocurrency holdings as of July 1st, 2022 around the corner. Don’t worry we have covered all the bases and made an easy summary for our users. 1% TDS on Cryptocurrency Transactions in India According to […]

Creator Mania 2022 – Leaderboard Announcement

Creator Mania 2022 - Leaderboard Announcement creator mani | BuyUcoin

Boom-ba-da-boom! Drumroll, please!!! Announcing The Leaderboard Standing for the top Creators who have participated in the Creator Mania Fest 2022 and engaged users with their interactive videos. Thank you to those who have taken part in Creator Mania 2022 and made the event a huge success.We are providing the much-anticipated Leaderboard of Rankings based on […]

Creator Mania’22 – Influencer Competition

creator mania'22

CREATE – ENGAGE – WIN Welcome to all the YouTube Creators and Instagram Influencers. BuyUcoin is organising Creator Mania’22 (an Influencer Competition) with a Reward Prize of 5 Lakh Rupees. It’s time to show creativity, publish videos, and distribute to generate maximum engagement and win cash prizes and gift hampers from BuyUcoin, – India’s oldest […]

2022 Guide to Crypto Casino Payment Methods

crypto casino payments

Have you heard about crypto casino payment, There will be no online casinos if there is no money to make deposits and payments. Punters use the money to place wagers on their favourite games like slot machines, table games, and poker games. Therefore, it is crucial for crypto casinos to adopt the best payment methods. […]

What is WinkLink? Is WINK Coin a Good Investment in 2022?

What is Winklink

What is WinkLink? WINk (previously referred to as TronBET) is a high-overall performance, primary, trustless, and permissionless gaming platform designed to enhance blockchain-primarily based on the gaming experience. The average daily volume of the WINk Platform is around $10 million USD with more than 5000 active customers, and with Tron Blockchain it can complete 5000 […]

5 Things Every Business Person Should Know Before Starting A Business

How to start a business

Most people think that starting a business is a walk in the park because you become your own boss. Well, success is possible only if you are passionate about the business. It’s not an easy task, and you need to have patience, determination, boldness, hard work, and persistence. Any business person will tell you that […]

Should You Invest in Dogecoin in 2022? DOGE Price Prediction June 2022

should you invest in dogecoin in 2022

Dogecoin was a hit thanks to the meme-stock craze that swept the market last year. From the start of 2021 to its all-time high on May 8, the popular token, designed as a fun competitor to Bitcoin, surged about 12,000 percent. Dogecoin, on the other hand, has lost more than 70% of its value since […]

What is Inheritcoin (INH)? Is INH a Good Investment in 2022?

what is inheritcoin

From its inception, Inheritcoin has been backed by institutions and leading fund and asset management groups, and many more have joined before going mainstream. INH is proving itself, again and again, to be a valuable asset in 2022. What is Inheritcoin (INH)? INH also known as Inherit coin, is A digital currency linked to a […]

How To Verify Your Email on BuyUcoin

how to verify your email EmbedTo do crypto trading hassle-free on the BuyUcoin Platform, you need to verify your Email. Email verification is a one-click process that can be completed in less than 10 sec. Yeah!!! it is that fast. Video Guide Step-By-Step Process For Email Verification Follow the steps to verify your email and start your crypto journey […]