Do Kwon Is “Greatly Confident” That Terra Ecosystem Can Regain Its Former Glory

do kwon

As regulators investigate whether Do Kwon — who founded Terraform Labs — was running a Ponzi scheme in the wake of the stunning demise of the UST stablecoin and the Luna governance token last month, the embattled CEO is fiercely defending his actions. In a recent interview, Do Kwon noted that the catastrophic collapse of […]

The collapse of Terra (LUNA), according to Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson, has triggered one major change in ADA development’22

Charles hoskinson

The collapse of Terra (LUNA), according to Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson, has had an impact on the development of the sixth-largest crypto asset by market size. According to Hoskinson, the ramifications of the TerraUSD (UST) algorithmic stablecoin’s de-pegging have caused Cardano developers to be more cautious in their plans for a Vasil upgrade. “Our […]

Forget Terra 2.0—Polygon wants Terra projects to move to its blockchain

Luna developers migration to polygon

Polygon is inviting projects that have been displaced or upset as a result of Terra’s demise to join its ranks. Polygon—a sidechain meant to complement and assist scale Ethereum—is creating a “multi-million dollar fund” dubbed the Terra Developer Fund to help Terra companies migrate from Do Kwon’s now-famous and failing blockchain to Polygon, according to […]

BuyUcoin Will Support the Migration to Terra (LUNA)

Migration to Terra

Dear BuyUcoin Users, BuyUcoin will support the migration of Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) tokens. Please note: Terra (LUNA) will be renamed Terra Classic (LUNC). BuyUcoin has closed Terra (LUNA) trading pair on EZ OTC at 09:30:00 on May 26, 2022 (UTC). BuyUcoin will take snapshots of users’ current LUNA assets on May 27, 2022 […]

Terra’s rebirth is being supported by cryptocurrency exchanges 2022

Terra re-birth

Do Kwon’s bold attempt for Terra’s rebirth from the ashes of a tragic collapse earlier this month is gaining traction among cryptocurrency exchanges. Even in India, many native exchanges have de-listed LUNA as they consider it a dead project, but on the contrary BuyUcoin, which is one of the best and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in […]

After Terra, will there be a Crypto Winter 2022?

terra crypto winter

The implosion of Terra’s LUNA and UST is dragging down an already weak market. What do other recent events indicate about crypto’s long-term prospects? People’s suspicions that the crypto market’s sudden decline, like the strong rise in US inflation, isn’t transient but could endure longer have been confirmed by the Terra meltdown. Analysts’s take on […]

Why Terra Luna Fell? 5 Things You Need To Know

WhY Terra Luna Fell

TerraUSD and its sibling cryptocurrency Luna have fallen roughly 98% in the previous few days, shaking the entire crypto market, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Terra Luna is nearly worthless now. This has caused investors to become fearful, and even the most aggressively bullish crypto investors are suddenly panicking. Here are the top five things you should […]

BuyUcoin Stand Strong with Terra Luna Customers | No Delisting For Luna Coin

LUNA Trading is live

This Indian Crypto Exchange hasn’t delisted LUNA and continues to support LUNA-INR trading pairs The ongoing fiasco around Luna and TerraUSD crash has led to many exchanges abandoning the project once pegged as the ‘Next Ethereum/DAI Killer’. लूना crash के आसपास चल रहे मतभेदों के कारण कई एक्सचेंजों ने इस क्रिप्टो को अपने प्लैटफ़ॉर्म से हटाने का निर्णय […]

Terra Price Prediction 2022 | 26 February | LUNA Market Update

Terra Price Prediction 2022 | 26 February | LUNA Market Update

When the crypto market began to recover, many altcoins saw price increases of up to 10%. LUNA, in particular, managed to increase by more than 15%. The Terra Price Prediction 2022 is seen jumped from a strong support area of around $50 all the way to the current price of $73.10. Let’s Examine the Terra’s […]

Top 5 Crypto News – Terra’s $139 Million Plan To DeFi Projects

Top 5 Crypto News - Terra's $139 Million Plan To DeFi Projects

Terra’s $139 Million Plan To ‘Bring Great UST Use-Cases’ To DeFi Projects Terra’s research report ‘UST Goes Interchain: Degen Strats, was published on January 6, Part Three, explains how the $139 million in UST and its native stablecoin LUNA will be used and on what platforms if the concept is accepted. Terra, a decentralized stablecoin […]